Common Questions

Q: Why do I need an android App?

An android app gives a boost to your business and easy access to your products. It also makes convenient for the client to place an order online in secure environment. Information about new offers and products/services can be directly sent to client.

Q: Which business or Service need an android app?

Being a huge android market in India and abroad, android app can be used by all kinds of business houses—large scale/small scale and medium scale. You can get an android app for your personal use to facilitate your work also. You can use it for training/Teaching/communicating/searching/entertainment/ order processing/marketing/ social service and so on.

Q: What are the main areas of expertise at Magna Opus Software Solutions?

Main areas of the organisation are android Mobile Apps, utility Apps, Business Apps, fully E-commerce sites, Payment Gateway Integration in mobile apps and web sites, Portfolio sites, marketing sites, Search Engine Optimisation, Office software for billing, stock maintenance, inventory control, accounts management etc.

Q: How do I know my software requirements ?

You simply have to tell us your main area of concern and areas of difficulty faced in your daily business process. Our team will interact with you, outline your requirements and make you understand and select what is really needed by you.

Q: What if product doesn’t work after installation ?

Magna Opus Software Solutions provide one month free maintenance to the customers for its developed products after it goes live. During this period, all corrective maintenance is done by the organisation. Apart from that AMC can be signed by both parties for annual maintenance of the product.

Q: Who can join Training at Magna Opus Software Solutions?

Anyone who has a passion for software development and want to pursue a career in it , can join training at Magna Opus Software Solutions. Some programming knowledge is necessary for android training. Practical training will be provided to such students and they can learn up to whatever level they want.

Q: Does Magna Opus Software Solutions provide free training?

. Free training is provided to undergraduate and post graduate students if organisation is contacted through the college/Institute under which they are pursuing their education. Candidates for free training will be selected only through written test and Interview to be conducted at their respective institute.

Q: What is difference between Industrial Training and Training Courses?

Training courses aim at teaching particular software technology to the students using workshop and classroom teaching pedagogy. Small assignments will be given to the students to clarify the learnt concepts. In industrial training a project will be assigned to the students as per their course curriculum requirement and they will be assisted by our experts to learn the technologies required to complete that project.

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